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Seed potatoes - Tajfun - medium early variety - 12 pcs

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Tajfun is a medium-early variety that enjoys good reputation. Its large, almost perfectly oval tubers with a yellow, slightly rough skin and shallow eyes hide a tasty, light yellow flesh that does not darken after cooking. In addition, the variety is resistant to viruses, potato eelworm, and black scab. This type of potato can be grown organically without dusting. Tajfun potato tubers show good storability. According to the culinary classification, it is an all-purpose potato with a slightly higher starch content, which makes them slightly floury. This type of flesh is recommended for preparation of chips (French fries), potato pancakes and hash browsn, as well baking in quarters and slices. The rather compact flesh allows you to use Tajfun potatoes for crisps, freezing, and salad ingredient. They are suitable for the preparation of various types of potato dumplings and a purée.

The offered variety is often grown on commercial scale, but it should also thrive in a home garden. Low soil and average water requirements of the Tajfun potato will certainly help you obtain high yield. The variety, relatively tolerant to water shortage is a great choice for allotments and growing in planters and bags. Planting usually takes place in April. Put seed potatoes five to seven centimetres deep and twenty-five to thirty centimetres apart. Tajfun potatoes are harvested in August or early September. If you prefer smaller tubers, you can dig them up in July.

We hereby offer a 12-tuber package of A-class seed potatoes, sized 35 to 55 millimetres in circumference.

  • Variety: Tajfun
  • Site: sunny
  • Bulb size (circumference):: 35 to 55 mm
  • Bulbs: 12
  • Planting depth (centimetres): 5 to 7 cm
  • Planting distance (centimetres): 25 to 30 cm
  • Wintering in the ground?: no

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