All-purpose fertilizers

All-purpose fertilizers suit the needs of all garden, balcony and home plants. If you try to satisfy nutritional needs of your green friends with just one product, you will find it right here.

Our online garden store offers all-purpose single-component fertilizers, such as nitrochalk, ammonium saltpetre and potassium nitrate, that come in particularly handy during planting usable and ornamental plants. You will also find dolomite here. This product is simply indispensable for liming. If you wish to avoid dosing nutrients by yourself, choose one of our multicomponent fertilizers: the All-purpose Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants), Substral Osmocote and the Biopon All-purpose fertilizer will definitely be up to the task.

We also recommend the excellent dried, granulated manure Ogród-Start, that is absolutely necessary on soils that display humus deficiencies. If you prefer more innovative solutions, you might find the AquaGel Water Storage interesting – this hydrogel increases water capacity of the soil, ensures better aeration and protects sensitive flowers and vegetables from the drought.

Do you know that this is only a small fraction of our offer? Get to know the products from other departments, too. And do remember, that you always buy fertilizers from trusted sources at our store. We have permanent suppliers, who provide us with products from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers. These fertilizers ensure excellent fertilizing results. Invest in abundant blooming and rich crops - make an order and we will take care of the rest. Let's go shopping!