Compost-enriching additives

Compost enriching additives will come in handy in preparation of organic fertilizers from food waste, garden litter and other biodegradable materials. Organic matter decomposes in natural conditions and the product of this process - minced, fermented compost - is the best eco-friendly fertilizer you will ever apply to plants in your garden. It is 100% natural, eco-friendly and suits all plants. It enriches the soil with useful microorganisms and makes it more fertile.

Compost production requires some time and patience, unfortunately. And if you do not pay enough attention, you may mistakenly spoil it with products that should never be composted (e.g. food waste with high salt content). Such problems can be easily avoided! In order to solve all problems you might encounter during compost production, you only need to make good use of compost additives. Look no further, as we have a broad selection of those in our online garden store.

We recommend, among others, Pryzmatix BIO from the Sumin brand, an additive containing useful microorganisms – bacteria and fungi that quickly and efficiently decompose organic waste and additionally enrich the soil with valuable nutrients. This product also speeds up decomposing of fallen leaves without the need to rake and pile them up! Proven, tested additives that speed up production of valuable compost, prevent it from mould and unpleasant aroma are, among others, the Florovit Compost Activator, Target Active Komposter and the Radivit Komposter from Substral. Browse through our offer, make real savings thanks to the prices that are affordable to everyone. Producing high quality compost does not need to be difficult nor time consuming. Take advantage of the professional products that are available in our store and quickly recognize the effects!