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Asahi SL - growth and yield enhancer - Sumin® - 10 ml

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Asahi SL - growth and yield enhancer - Sumin® - 10 ml is a product intended for boosting up fruit, vegetable, cereal and commercial plant vigour and yield. This water-soluble concentrate may be used on open field cultures, in greenhouses and in plastic tunnels. We recommend to use it on plants tthat were weakened by the ravening pests, fighting diseases, damaged by drought, frost, flood or contamination, treated with plant protection agents and freshly transplanted. The active ingredients of the Asahi SL fertilizer are easily assimilated by the plants and transformed into compounds that naturally occur in plant tissues. Trees, shrubs, cereals and vegetables become in turn more resistant to stress-inducing factors, absorb and utilize nutrients and water from the soil more efficiently, what directly translates into more abundant vegetative and generative growth, increases yield and the organic matter content in the fruit and seeds.

The bio-stimulator offered here contains thoroughly researched nitrophenols: sodium p-nitrophenolate, sodium o-nitrophenolate and sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate. The above mentioned active compounds were included in the Annex 1 to the Directive 91/414 WEG according to the European Commision regulations. The Asahi SL biostimulator is 100% safe for the environment and has a withdrawal period of 0 days. It is applied via dusting of a water solution prepared according to the manufacturer's dosage guide.

The package contains 10 ml of the Asahi SL growth and yield enhancer and the detailed instructions of use. This is an original Sumin® product.

The product offered here may only be used adults. Read the product information on the label before each use of this product. Plant protection agents must be used according to the safety rules set out for the particular product.
Never buy plant protection agents from an unknown source. Our shop is duly registered, certified and permitted to sell and supply products of that kind and all members of our staff have completed Plant Protection Agents consulting and packaging training.

Application methods and rates. Vegetables: 5 ml of the preparation in 5 litres of water per 100 m2. Orchard plants: 6 ml of the preparation in 5 litres of water per 100 m2.

Etykieta Asahi SL (ASAHI_SL_zast.nieprof.pdf, 116 Kb) [Download]

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