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Tall field tomato "Noire de Crimée"

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Tall field tomato "Noire de Crimée" (Solanum lycopersicum), also known as "Black Prince" is an unusual variety yielding rich crops of large, round, slightly flattened fruit with chocolate–brown skin and similarly coloured sweet, thick flesh. Its excellent, large berries are recommended for direct consumption, as addition to salads, sandwiches and casseroles.

Seeds of the presented variety should be sown early spring under covers, onto cool hotbeds or in production pots placed at home in a well–lit, warm place. Seedlings may be thinned and then transplanted into open field, or plastic foil tunnel in the second half of May. Plants need exposure to sunlight and very fertile, medium–compact soil with high water capacity. They bear fruit in August and September. Fruit of the "Noir de Crimée" tomato, like these of the less extravagent varieties, contain large quantities of vitamin C, provitamin A, kalium, magnesium and the anti–cancer lycopene.

Each package contains 0.1 g of "Noire de Crimee" tall field tomato seeds. Growing instructions and the sow–by date are included in the package information.

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