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Buttercup Aviv Picotee Pink - Large Pack! - 100 pcs.

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The "Aviv Picotee Pink" buttercup - large pack! - 100 pcs. (Ranunculus) is a charming plant developing subtle, white-pink flowers. This presented perennial grows 30 – 35 cm and develops a tight tuft of numerous erect, stiff flowering stalks. Dense, brightly green foliage and large size of the double, peony-shaped blooms make this variety a great fit both for borders and pots. The cultivar offered in our store stands out with bicolour flowers, whose milk-white petals have pastel pink edges.

Buttercup bulbs should be planted late in summer and in autumn. This undemanding perennial will survive in every sufficiently moist, compact, humous soil. You may grow it in the sun and in partial shade. Its blooms please the eyes all summer long, from June to August. "Aviv Picotee Pink" buttercup looks great in company of the dwarf roses, pinks and low growing lilies. It is a perfect cut flower, that retains its healthy fresh look in vases for a long time .

One package contains 100 bulbs of the "Aviv Picotee Pink" buttercup, sized 6-7 cm. The most important growing instructions have been printed on each package.

  • Species: Buttercup
  • Variety: Ranunculus
  • Bulbs: 100
  • Bulb size: 6 – 7 cm
  • Height: 30 – 35 cm
  • Flowering period: VI – VIII
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