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Carrot "Nantejska Polana" - medium-early variety - 5100 seeds

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"Nantejska Polana" is one of the most coveted carrot varieties. This medium-early variety produces tasty, juicy roots, with a regular, cylindric shape that grow between 18-20 cm long. Both the outer and inner part under the skin are intensely orange. The roots of this variety are highly valued, look great and taste simply delicious.

The "Nantes Glade" variety can be preserved or eaten raw. The seeds are sown either for summer or autumn harvest. The roots that are harvested later in the year can be stored for a short period of time. The best time for sowing is April and May.

Our store offers 6 g-packets of seeds of the "Nantejska Polana" carrot.

  • Weight: 6 g
  • Use: eaten fresh, preserves
  • Harvest time: summer, autumn

Approximately 5100 seeds (+/- 20%)