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Carrot "Nantes 3" - medium-early variety - 4250 seeds

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Carrot is one of the most popular european vegetables. It appears in almost all cuisines around the world in an array of varieties, among which "Nantes 3" particularly deserves our attention. This variety has been developed for medium-early harvest, from July to October. Its roots are regularly, cylindrically shaped, long and intensely orange-coloured across the whole root. Their crisp, juicy and tender taste will make all carrot lovers happy. The young ones will definitely praise the sweetness, coming from the high sugar content. Growing "Nantes 3" carrots in your garden will not only bring you much satisfaction, but also benefit your health. Its anti-oxidation value is worth mentioning, as it helps us neutralize harmful substances, called free radicals, that are responsible for cancer changes to our tissues. Beta-carotene found in carrots helps us fight aging of the skin, as it strengthens and invigorates skin cells. This substance also helps our eyes and effectively prevents us from cardio-vascular malfunctions. Low-calorie content is well known to all people, who care for their weight. Carrot of the "Nantes 3" variety can be eaten right after harvest, cooked or raw. It perfectly fits into salads, soups, frozen vegetable mixes, vegetarian dishes, sauces and casseroles. You can also bake delicious pies and cakes with carrots. Sweet, slightly nutty in flavour carrot pie would be a great snack to share with unexpected guests. "Nantes 3" variety might be stored for medium-long periods.

A packet contains 3 g of the "Nantes 3" carrot seeds as well as detailed sowing instructions and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 3 g
  • Use: cooked, eaten raw - soups, salads, frozen vegetable mixes, sauces, casseroles
  • Harvest time: July to October

Approximately 4250 seeds (+/- 20%)