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Crystalline Emergency Fertilizer - Ziemovit® - 200 g

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Crystalline emergency fertilizer from Ziemovit®, available here in 200 g packages, is a product intended for complete fertilization of all plants, particularly during periods of weakened or blocked growth. Presented preparation is a complete NPK fertilizer with micronutrients. High nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium doses (in 20:20:20 proportions) provide vigourless plants with a much needed energy boost, stimulating development of stronger roots and new leaves and shoots. Crystalline Emergency Fertilizer from Ziemovit® improves plants condition during water and thermic stress by supplying them with nutrients and improving absorption of minerals.

The product offered here in our garden store is intended for soil and foliar application after dissolving in water. It may be used for supplementation of plants grown in the field and in greenhouses. It brings excellent results as a growth booster for strawberries and other small fruit, orchard plants and flowering ornamental species. In order to enjoy these results it is recommended to comply with dosing guidelines printed on the package.

One package contains 200 g of the Crystalline Emergency Fertilizer from Ziemovit®.

Application method and time. From March to September. The fertilizer can be applied during the entire vegetation period in form of a water solution. Dissolve 1 teaspoon in 5 litres of water (1 gram in 1 litre of water) to prepare liquid for watering. This fertilizer can applied to foliage or through fertigation, both in soil cultures and on substrates such as mineral wool, coconut fibre and others. The concentration of the solution should not exceed 0.5-0.6%, half of a teaspoon (ca. 2.5 g) per 5 litres of water. In case of the fertigation the concentration of the solution should be adjusted to the nutritional needs of the given plant, its variety, condition and development stage.