Floreo - Planta professional bulb flower fertilizer - 250 g

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Floreo - Planta professional bulb flower fertilizer is intended for nurturing all kinds of bulb plants. It provides tulips, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, gladioli and many other perennials with the right supplementation. This multicomponent fertilizer contains all macronutrients and is enriched with micronutrients, including magnesium, that are needed for healthy growth, development and abundant, long blooming of the plants in question. Regular fertilizing ensures proper growth of the bulbs that enables the plants to winter well, grow exuberantly and delightfully bloom the next season.

This is a water-soluble multicomponent fertilizer. The crystalline form enables easy preparation of the solution. This easy to use and efficient fertilizer should be fed to the plants through watering during the whole vegetation period. It allows you to combine watering with fertilizing and save time that way. Fertilization is particularly important during the blooming time. Our product is also suitable for nurturing plants grown in containers. It contains a set of well assimilable compounds, hence it can be used for emergency nurturing of weaker, previously neglelcted plants.

One package contains 250 g of the Floreo - Planta specialist bulb flower fertilizer, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.