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Danford iris – large pack! – 100 pcs; dwarf iris

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Danford iris (Iris danfordiae) belongs to the iris varieties that bloom early in spring – you may enjoy its blooms in April and May. This tiny, only 15–20 cm tall plant dazzles with its vividly yellow, delicately speckled blooms that develop well before the narrow, tubular leaves emerge. It is only after the wilting of the flowers that iris groupings start to resemble dark green grass tufts.

The species offered here should be planted in autumn, 8–10 cm deep in 8 cm spacings. Dwarf irises look the most stunning in dense, larger groupings. This iris cultivar needs a sunny, warm site with a light, loose soil. It also must be be fertile, moist in the spring and dry in the summer in order to provide the bulbs with proper conditions during dormancy. You may, however, also dug them out after the leaves have broken and store them in a dry place.

If you look for a frost–resistant, brightly coloured perennial plant for planting in rock gardens, at the water reservoirs and alongside paths, Danford iris is the right choice. It will also thrive in pots.

One package contains 100 bulbs sized 5/6 cm. The bulbs offered in our store were manufactured in the Netherlands.

  • Species: Danford iris
  • Variety: Iris danfordiae
  • Bulbs: 100
  • Bulb size: 5/6 cm
  • Height: 15 – 20 cm
  • Flowering period: IV – V
  • Planting period: autumn
  • Planting depth: 8 – 10 cm
  • Planting distance: 8 cm
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