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Orchid soil with a pot - Planta - 12 cm

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Presented "Planta" set consists of orchid soil and a special pot that has been specially designed to grow these beautiful plants. Our product helps you succeed in orchid cultivation and make this endeavour significantly less labour and time consuming.

The professional pot has transparent walls that allow sunlight to reach orchid roots without difficulty. It has been manufactured of plastic, what makes it lightweight. It comes with a specially profiled bottom that helps the excess water to run off smoothly. Pot diameter equals 12 cm.

The soil that constitutes the complementary part of the set also supports successful orchid growing. It consists of a mixture of pine bark, expanded clay aggregate and high moor peat that has higher water capacity. These features provide the soil with the best possible air-water economy, keep it moist enough and offer roots steady flow of fresh air that they need in order to develop properly. The amount of soil in the set allows you to transplant one orchid.

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