Orchid soils and potting mixes

The orchid soils play an important role in successful growing of these magnificent flowers. If you are still not sure, where to find the best quality soil, browse through our offer. This department encompasses orchid soils from the renown domestic produces. Check out our professional potting mixes - they can be found on the list below.

Every orchid lover knows that all-purpose garden or pot soil does not work in growing these demanding plants. Orchids are epiphytes and require extremely permeable soil - large bark and coconut shell chunks and coarse peat are the right materials. And we offer such compositions at our online store. All our soils and mulch products come from renown, highly regarded brands with established position on the gardening market. From this broad selection of excellent products, we offer the 5-litre packages of Orchid soil from Hollas at exceptionally competitive price and the Premium quality orchid soil from Compo - 5 litres. Should you need a smaller package, choose the Orchid soil from Target, with high content of composted bark, in a 3-litre pack and save money. You will also find such unique, brand new products as the Stone pine orchid soil with mycorrhiza - 1.5 litre - from Zielony Dom in our vast offer. Thanks to the mycorrhiza. the proposed mixture ensures healthy orchid growth and abundant, frequent blooming.

Our Garden Seeds Market boasts a huge offer of high quality orchid soil at budged-friendly prices. Do not wait any longer and shop online with an affordable delivery. Trust the experts and take proper care of your orchids with the satisfaction guarantee!