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Tree Lily

Tree lily bulbs present an easy way to grow abundant solitary plants. Representatives of this group of cultivars belong to the largest bulbous blooming perennials. These extraordinary giants may reach heights of 2 m in full season. You would not find a better option, if you had been looking for solitary plant with enchanting blooms for your garden. Our garden store offers large, well developed Dutch bulbs. Here, you will find popular and valued varieties that are accustomed to Central European cultivation conditions. Just look at what we have for you. Vividly coloured, exotic colours are the trademark of the pink-purple „Purple Prince”, crimson-orange „Red Morning” and the scarlet-golden „Mister Job” varieties. We recommend the creamy-pink „Lavon” tree lily, the yellow-white „Big Brother” and the creamy-white „Orania” to all lovers of pastel colouring. That’s not all! Take a sneak preview of the other varieties available in this section and decide yourself, which of those fit into your idea of a beautiful garden. Shopping tree lily bulbs in our online garden store is so easy – just add the selected varieties to your cart, place the order and all the plants of your dreams will be delivered straight to your door. We only sell high quality seedling material coming from qualified, proven producers. We have prepared the tree lily bulbs at particularly competitive prices especially for you.