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Tulip Cream Cocktail - 5 pcs

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This reliable Darwin hybrid develops large spectacular flowers that impersonate the spring mood. The bright yellow flowers with creamy-white flames on the edges sit atop the erect, stiff, grey-green stalks. This unusual colour composition makes the Cream Cocktail variety stand out from the garden crowd. Should you look for a flower that will bring joy and cheer, this variety will be up to the task. The bright colours and strong stems make a great figure in the garden and in optimistic bouquets. The Cream Cocktail tulips may also be used as decoration in containers. The up to 45 cm tall tulips that bloom at the end of April and at the beginning of May will stimulate your senses with their sunny colour.

The blooming tulips bring joy and happiness. Even the smallest tuft of these most popular bulb plants should grow in every garden. They provide a variety of ways in which they can be arranged. You may grow them on uniform carpet-like borders, in compositions with other bulbous flowering plants and in arrangements with perennials and annuals. They look great on English-style borders grown as lawn edgings. Choose these sturdy, proven tulips for filling containers situated on balconies, terraces and patios. They can be easily incorporated into rock gardens and used as colourful spots between trees and shrubs.

Should you decide to grow tulips, choose a sunny or partially shady site for them. They will not show their full blooming potential in the shade. The soil needs to be permeable. If it is not the case, provide an appropriate drainage layer. Before planting the bulbs in autumn, loosen and weed the ground thoroughly and mix it with a substantial amount of compost in order to provide the plants with the needed nutrition. The optimal pH value of the soil would be neutral or slightly acidic, a tulip site should be sheltered from strong wind, so the flowers do not get damaged. Apart from the frequent, regular weeding, topping plants after the flowers have wilted, is the most important care measure in tulip cultivation. It prevents the bulbs from weakening.

Plant the bulbs at the depth equal twice their height. Put the leaf buds - the pointy tips - up. Cover the bulbs with soil and press it tightly in order to eliminate hollow spaces under the surface. Water the planted bulb only once, abundantly. Tulips are frost-resistant and handle low temperatures well. We recommend to cover them with mulch or conifer twigs before the winter, though.

Each package contains 5 bulbs of the Cream Cocktail tulip. The basic plant facts and growing instructions are printed on the packaging label.

  • Variety: Cream Cocktail
  • Use: ornamental - garden, pots, cut flower
  • Flower colour: yellow-creamy white
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Site: sunny or partial shade, wind-sheltered; permeable, well drained, loose, weeded soil with neutral or slightly acidic reaction
  • Bulbs: 5
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Flowering period: April - May
  • Planting period: autumn
  • Planting depth (cm): twice the height of a bulb
  • Wintering in the ground?: Yes