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Carrot "Sukces" - late, storable variety - 4250 seeds

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Carrot "Sukces" (Daucus carota) is a productive, storable variety, whose roots mature quite late. It takes approximately five months from sow to the harvest. The crops present high quality, do not break and are not prone to mechanical damage. "Sukces" carrot roots grow large and belong to the largest available on the market, as they reach length of up to 26 cm. Smooth and tender peel takes on dark orange colour, while the flesh is lighter, but evenly coloured. It contains high amounts of carotene and sugars, to which it owes its nice colouring and exceptional taste. Carrots are popular among consumers, who use it for direct consumption and preserves. Roots of this variety store well and may rest until June.

Carrot is grown from direct sow to the permanent site. Time of sowing depends on the planned use of the crops, but due to the long vegetation period seeds of the "Sukces" variety are sown from March to May. You should provide them with a well cultivated, permeable soil that needs to be fertile, rich in humus and nutrients. The roots will be ready for harvest after circa 150 days, so prepare for harvest in the period spanning from July to October.

Each package contains 5 g of late "Sukces" carrot seeds. The package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 5 g
  • Use: direct consumption; preserves; storing
  • Harvest time: July - October
  • Site: well cultivated, permeable, fertile soil rich in humus and nutrients

Approximately 4250 seeds (+/- 20%)

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