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Crocus „Early Gold“ - 10 pcs

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Crocuses are plants that are associated with the picturesque, highland and mountain landscape. Terrific glades adorned with the low growing flower heads of these plants form a truly wonderful setting. “Early Gold” crocuses are a magnificent variety that allows to create such an ambience in your own garden. This is a very early, abundantly blooming variety.

Golden yellow petals of this crocus are decorated on the outside with dark brown stripes what constitutes an interesting colouring. These sturdy, resistant plants develop already at the end of winter in the first warm sun rays. The “Early Gold” variety deservingly enjoys great popularity for years. These striped, low growing flowers harmonise enchantingly with differently coloured crocuses. The grass-like leaves are also adorned with stripes and grow taller after the flowers would have wilted. This variety propagates quickly and needs almost no care nor effort. These shimmering crocuses would decorate your garden for a long time.

Crocus plants look best among other low growing plants, for example in rock gardens. They also tolerate lawn sites and company of other plant species. Crocuses would look equally well in containers, pots and bowls or boxes on balconies. You will achieve the optimal decorative value by planting larger groups of even several dozens of plants. The flowery “carpets” formed that way are truly sensational.

”Early Gold” crocuses need bright or only partially shady places. They require a permeable, humous, quickly warming up and sufficiently moist soil with a preferably slightly acidic reaction.

  • Species: Crocus
  • Bulbs: 10
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Height: 5 – 10 cm
  • Flowering period: II-III