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Edible garlic cloves

If you wish to grow your own edible garlic that will taste way better than the cloves available in supermarkets, there is nothing that could stop you. Our online garden store will provide you with the best, carefully selected varieties of this vegetable. We offer excellent seedlings and bulbs of the most popular varieties, such as "Harnas", "Arkus" and "Ornak", among many others. Choose the one that will best suit your needs and expectations!

Garlic belongs to the most popular, basic spice and medicinal vegetables. It is widely used for adding flavour to dishes in cuisines worldwide. One shall not forget that garlic has been used for centuries as medicine for many different ailments that plague people, animals and plants. You could hardly find a plant with a such wide array of uses. The abundance of biologically active compounds that are hidden in the cloves, has been confirmed by numerous scientific research studies. Garlic has antibiotic, antiseptic, antiparasitic and antithrombotic properties, lowers blood pressure and supports weight loss. One says it will also make you younger. Need any more reasons to start growing this excellent vegetable plant?

Edible garlic is a perennial plant that is, however, grown as an annual in Central European climate. European climate in general is favourable to garlic cultures, whether for spring or autumn harvest. You would only need a few cloves to enjoy aromatic, distinctly tasting garlic from your own border or pantry.

You will only find qualified bulbs and seedlings delivered by the trusted suppliers in our online store. Attractive discounts, frequent special offers and diverse delivery options, suited to the needs of customers, should make your choice even easier. Enjoy your gardening passion and harvest rich crops in a short time thanks to the premium quality seedlings and bulbs!