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Gladiolus Fidelio - 5 pcs

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The Fidelio gladiolus is a plant that seems to be perfect for home garden arrangements with its pink flowers adorned with subtle white stripes. This popular and highly regarded species develops large flowers arranged in an ear and narrow, pointed leaves. Its large flowers that are turned to one side harmonize beautifully with other tall plants. A combination of gladioli, Peruvian lilies, montbretias, and ornamental sunflowers is highly recommended. Slender gladioli who belong to the Crocoideae subfamily grow tall, their stems reach height of about 110 centimetres. You do not have to plant gladioli only in garden. Corms planted in larger pots and planters can adorn a balcony or terrace. A romantic pink Fidelio gladiolus provides great material for an elegant bouquet. The impressive gladioli stay fresh in vases for a long time. These wonderful flowers bloom in July and August.

Make sure to prepare the soil in the right manner if you plan to grow gladioli in your garden. The soil should be fertile, permeable, preferably rich in humous, and have a reaction close to neutral. Watering is a must during periods of drought. Leave 10 to 15 centimetres distances between the plants, plant the corms about 10 to 12 centimetres deep.

Gladioli corms must be dug out within three to five weeks after the end of the flowering period. Store them in a cool, ventilated room, where they are protected from frost. Dividing the corms into batches and planting them gradually every to three weeks extends the flowering period of those majestic plants.

A single package contains 5 bulbs of the Fidelio gladiolus, sized 14-16. Basic growing instructions can be found on the package label.

  • Variety: Fidelio
  • Use: ornamental - garden, planters, cut flower
  • Growth form: erect
  • Flower colour: pink with white stripes
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: narrow, lanceolate
  • Flower type: one-sided ears
  • Site: sunny; fertile, permeable, soil rich in humous, with a close to neutral reaction
  • Bulbs: 5
  • Height: 110 cm
  • Flowering period: July - August
  • Planting period: spring
  • Planting depth (cm): 10 to 12 cm
  • Planting distance (cm): 10 to 15 cm
  • Wintering in the ground: no

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