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Grape hyacinth - Muscari Mountain Lady - Large Pack! - 100 pcs.

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Grape hyacinth - Muscari "Mountain Lady" - large pack! - 100 pcs.

Grape hyacinths are popular bulbous plants that bloom in spring. They are easy in cultivation and grow well in gardens. Their low tufts spread out rapidly, creating flowery carpets in different shades of blue. The "Mountain Lady" variety delights with the bicolour flowers. Their subtle fragrance belongs to its advantages, too. Charming grapes ideally underscore compositions of other bulbous flowers that bloom at the same time.

Grape hyacinth bulbs are small and covered with a shiny scale. After planting, grassy leaves emerge from them. Among them numerous flowering stalks appear. The "Mountain Lady" variety grows 15-20 cm tall. The rosettes consist of broader leaves with smoothly ending points and a pinkish colouring. Flowering stalks are erect and leafless. A conical inflorescence, built of spherical blooms grows from the bottom upwards. Fully developed blooms take on pale blue colour with a thick, white corona at the top. The top part of a closed inflorescence remains white-green. This colour composition adds lightness and freshness to the whole arrangement. Flowering period: April – May.

Grape hyacinths belong to long-lived plants that survive in a broad range of growing conditions. A sunny site with a well-drained soil suits them best, however. They also grow splendidly under trees and shrubs in partial shade. Plant the bulbs 5-8 cm deep from late summer until middle of autumn. The rather expansively growing grape hyacinths may be divided in summer, when their bulbs have entered the dormancy stage.

This plant is ideal for creation of edgings, lower orders and forming colourful spots in garden. It harmonizes with all bulbous plants, particularly tulips and daffodils. The "Mountain Lady" variety would be simply unbeatable in small corners of a rock garden. It is also perfect for cultivation in containers. Pots and boxes with grape hyacinth bulbs would beautifully decorate window sills. You will achieve the most stunning effects on a site where grape hyacinths could grow and spread freely.

Bulbs were produced in Holland.

Each package contains growing instructions.

  • Species: Grape hyacinth
  • Variety: Muscari
  • Bulbs: 100
  • Height: 15 – 20 cm
  • Flowering period: IV – V
  • Planting period: IX – XI
  • Planting depth: 5 – 8 cm
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