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Tomato and vegetable mineral fertilizer - Compo® - 1 l

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Tomato and vegetable mineral fertilizer - Compo® - 1 litre - is a highly concentrated EC NPK type fertilizer enriched with micronutrients, developed especially with the specific needs of edible plants in mind. Tomato, bell pepper, cucumber and other vegetables need intensive supplementation during growth and fruit production periods. The fertilizer offered here in our garden store contains all macro- and micronutrients, that these plants might need, in perfectly balanced proportions. Tomato and vegetable mineral fertilizer is dedicated to all-season supplementation of vegetables grown in the field, in greenhouses and in containers. This preparation supplies plants with proper doses of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - three macronutrients responsible primarily for growth, taking root, abundant blooming and fruit production. The admixture of micronutrients enhances vigour, improves resistance of the plants in question and helps them bear large, delicious fruit. Proposed product is quickly assimilated and thanks to its liquid form guarantees immediate results in form of healthy, productive plants that are resistant to diseases, pests, vermins and stress factors.

Ingredients: nitrogen (5%), phosphorus (5%), potassium (7%), mcronutrients

This fertilizer should be dosed strictly according to the manufacturer's guidelines outlined in the package information. Twist-off cap of the bottle constitutes a handy measure that allows you to precisely dose the product and limit the risk of overfertilization to the minimum.

The package contains 1 litre of the tomato and vegetable mineral fertilizer. An original Compo® product.

Application method and rate. From March to October: measure the appropriate dose of the fertilizer with the cap and mix it with the appropriate amount of water according to the table below. The cap has three fill levels. Once a week: 1 full cap (35.7 ml) per 5 litres of water, the lowest marked cap level/ 1 litre of water, the middle marked cap level / 2 litres of water, the highest marked cap level / 3 litres of water. From November to February: the same dose twice a month.