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Kaufmanniana Tulip Bulbs

Kaufmanniana tulips produce short stems that end with impressive flowers consisting of slender, long petals. Intriguing colour combinations, early blooming period and possibility of growing them on the front of borders and rock gardens make them very sought after. Check the varieties that are available in our online store. The photographs of the Kaufmanniana tulips and their short descriptions will definitely help you make the right choice. „Glück” variety with vividly yellow petals marked with triangular, carmine-red spots belongs to our customers’ favourites. Should you prefer more subtle colouring, then the „Johann Strauss” with creamy-white petals with red pattern should appeal to you. What about the elegant shades of pink? Plant a grouping of „Fashion” tulips with petals covered with delicate white smudges in your garden. All Kaufmanniana tulip bulbs available in our online garden store come from the best producers that have a proven track record on our market. That is why we can offer high quality seedling material at such affordable prices. Buy now and save time and money. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the high quality offering for the Kaufmanniana tulip bulbs.