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Lily-flowered Tulip Bulbs

Bulbs of the lily-flowered tulips with magnificent flowers that resemble ornamental cup heads belong to our all-time bestsellers. These varieties are deservedly considered the most charming varieties grown in Central Europe. They are tall and slender and bloom most abundantly in May. They are perfectly fitted for planting on flower beds, lawns and in high pots or buckets. You will not be able to turn your eyes away from them. Haven’t you met them yet? We are particularly keen on the charming „Marylin” variety with elegant, white flowers with fuchsia-pink smudges. If you are looking for distinct, characteristic looks, buy bulbs of the lily-flowered „Maytime” tulip with bright, pink-purple blooms. We recommend to use it in contrasting compositions with the snow-white „White Wings” or the canary-yellow „West Point”. And maybe you would like the mysterious „Mona Lisa” to smile at you from the border in shades of gold and scarlet? Take a look at our other lily-flowered tulips, too. We have prepared a broad selection of the most attractive varieties especially for you. All tulip bulbs available in our store come from the Netherlands and are of the highest quality. You have a 100% success guarantee in tulip cultivation, if you make a purchase at our store. Read the descriptions of our plants, take a look at their images and place an order without leaving your home. The bulbs of the lily-flowered tulips are sold in our store at the absolutely competitive prices.