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Double Tulip Bulbs

Double tulip bulbs will bear flowers that look rather like peonies than tulips. Their abundant, almost ideally spherical inflorescences densely packed with petals in different shades of the most beautiful spring and summer colours are the most wonderful decoration of flower beds in May. We have gathered the most most valuable and most coveted varieties of these plants in the Double tulip section of our online store. See, which one will take your heart by storm. If you like classic colouring, choose the one-colour „Miranda”, „Mount Tacoma” and „Monte Carlo” varieties. The orange-red „Golden Princess” and cherry-red „Uncle Tom” delight with saturated, hot colours. Check out our bestseller, the black like night’s sky on a moonless night „Black Hero” double tulip. Take a look at the original ice-cream tulips „Renown Unique” and „Beauty of Apeldoorn” with inflorescences that look like ice-cream balls in cones of green leaves. High quality at a reasonable price is our motto. We invite you to the colourful World of Flowers, where you will find everything that your garden needs. Invite these charming tulips to your garden and it will shine with a palette of colours all May long. By placing an order at our store you can be sure that you will receive high quality tulip bulbs coming from proven sources. Try them out!