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Botanical Tulip Bulbs

Order Botanical tulips bulbs, if you would like to get know the sturdiest and most undemanding representatives of the Tulipa genus. Their unpretentious size and blooms in saturated shades of red, yellow and pink have won them herds of supporters. So if you are looking for easily cultivated bulbous flowers that you would not need to dig out every year, you found your place on Earth. Click the name of the selected variety to watch the gallery and learn the most important facts about planting and blooming time, as well as the expected size. We particularly recommend the „Tubergen’s Variety” tulip with scarlet blooms and the tiny „Cynthia” with golden-red petals. You may also be keen on growing the pink-violet „Eastern Star” with a yellow star in the centre of the flower head, or the pastel-coloured „Saxalitis”. If you intend to create a multicoloured composition, choose the variety mix of the most popular botanical tulips bulbs. Great results guaranteed! Our online store offers high quality botanical tulip bulbs at reasonable prices. Learn more about our offer and decide, which plants will adorn your rock garden, lawn or border next season. Online purchase will save you time and effort, as you have all the most beautiful tulips in one place. Take advantage of it!