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Green Tulip Bulbs

Fancy an aesthetic experiment – invite the unique green tulips to your garden. We guarantee that you would not be able to turn your eyes away from these plants as soon as they would start to bloom. Each of them dazzles with its own, unique set of colours, of which the green is not always prevailing. Just watch the photographs of the green tulip varieties available in our store and surrender to to their exotic charm! The magnificent „Groenland” tulip has green stripes on the pink and creamy-white petals. The creamy-white cups of the „Spring Green” variety have green bases, while the golden-yellow „Golden Artist” sports green and orange stripes. Pay attention to the „Beauty of Apeldoorn”, too, as it produces citrus-yellow inner petals that are surrounded by outer ones that resemble leaves. The exceptionally ornamental green tulips unfold their full ornamental potential in May. They may adorn not only your garden, but every larger container placed on a sunny balcony or terrace. Grant them some space and enjoy the subtle charm of their cheerful blooms. You will buy high quality green tulip bulbs at reasonable prices in our store – check our offer out and see, how much you will additionally save on the cost-effective delivery.