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Crocus Saturnus - large package! - 100 pcs

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The Saturnus crocus's appearance is unique, even feisty despite the plants modest size. It all comes down to the unusual colouring of its flowers. Their sunny yellow petals are adorned with tiger stripes that take on a contrasting dark purple colour. The exceptionally large flowers are yet another advantage of the variety that we offer. As a representative of the valued large flowered croci, the Saturnus will refresh every rock garden and border. Since it blooms very early and does not have any special site requirements, it can grow almost everywhere - on the path edge, at the corner of a lawn, alongside a fence or under deciduous trees and shrubs that would not have developed leaves in March and therefore would not block the plants from sunlight.
Crocuses are loved by the garden owners as the heralds of spring and plants with extremely low site requirements. The exceptionally decorative, contrastingly coloured Saturnus crocus will appeal to the most picky gardeners. It will look particularly well in company of other early spring perennials (e.g. squill, Lenten rose, reticulate iris, striped squill, glory-of-the-snow and botanical tulips). You will be able to easily create a marvellous colourful crocus meadow with it - you only need to combine it with other large-flowered crocuses, included but not limited to the Grand Maitre, Jeanne d'Arc, Pickwick and Sky Blue.

One package contains 100 bulbs of the Saturnus crocus, sized 7/8 cm. The most important plant growing tips were included in the package information.

  • Use: ornamental
  • Flower colour: yellow with purple stripes
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Site: sunny or partial shade
  • Bulbs: 100
  • Flowering period: March

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