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Crocus Snowbunting - 10 pcs.

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The "Snowbunting" crocus has won a prestigious prize. No wonder, since it is temptingly beautiful. A flower bed filled with those small flowers constitutes an unparalleled sight. White flower heads enchant with their charm and smell sweetly!

Crocus does not belong to garden giants and grows only 10 cm tall. Its unmatched beauty more than makes up for the minuscule size. A corolla consisting of 6 sepals takes on creamy-white colouring. The outer petals have pale brown spot at the base that from which thin stripes radiate upwards. The inner part hides a yellow eye. The bulbs produce up to five compact flowers. They have a cup-shaped form with bluntly tipped petals. The orange pistil surrounded by the same coloured stamina round up the whole bloom.

These small flowers constitute a tremendous border edging, lawn and flower bed decoration. They look best in larger groupings. Crocuses fit well into rock gardens, but can also be planted with great results in ornamental containers, large bowls, boxes and baskets. They propagate rapidly - a feature that is especially beneficial when naturalizing a lawn.

Croci start to bloom in March already and usually continue for a month. In order to meet this deadline, it should be planted in September and October. It is an undemanding plant. A soil that does not waterlog, rich in nutrients on a sunny, or partially shady site, would suit it well.

The package contains 10 "Snowbunting" crocus bulbs. Basic plant and growing information is printed on the package label.

  • Species: Crocus
  • Bulbs: 10
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Flowering period: III – IV
  • Planting period: IX – X