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Himalayan foxtail lily - Tropical Dream; Himalayan desert candle

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Himalayan foxtail lily "Tropical Dream" provides a tremendous solution for enriching your garden with an extraordinary decoration. Its fluffy inflorescences display high ornamental value. They attract attention even from the background of the borders. These plants are easy to grow, do not need any special care measures and practically unharmed by diseases and pests.

"Tropical Dream" desert candles, as these plants are also called, bloom in the first half of summer and produce creamy-white, star-shaped flowers. These are gathered in long, conical inflorescences that together with the orange anthers create an impression of a fluffy tail. Foxtail lily leaves are long, rather narrow, greyish-green and wilt when the blooms start to appear. The exuberant inflorescences grow from bottom to the top of the stem.

Foxtail lilies should grow on wind-sheltered sites with good exposure to sunlight. They grow on almost all kinds of soil, provided it is properly drained. This is a xerophile plant that grows well on soils that are rich in nutrients. Even though it is frost-resistant we recommend to cover it with twigs or dried leaves. You need to protect the plants in the spring, too, especially if frosts occur. The bulbs are planted rather shallow, 5 cm layer of the soil over them would be sufficient.

Larger groupings bring the most ornamental effects. They can be planted at the background of multi-species borders on sunny sites. They look great in company of ornamental grasses and as addition to rock garden plants. They present their charms at the background of dark green bushes, too. A rich bouquet of foxtail lilies will adorn your home for a long time.

  • Species: Foxtail lily
  • Wintering in the ground: Yes
  • Flowering period: VI – VII
  • Planting depth: 5 cm

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