Tritoma seedlings, Kniphofia

Tritoma seedlings will change the looks of your allotment – in the second half of summer you will be able to feel like you are in a enchanted garden! It is all because of the eccentric, unforgettable inflorescences. The plants that we have gathered in this department of our garden store produce numerous blooms that are tube-shaped or bell-shaped and are gathered in a compact, top spike. The inflorescence that grows on a long (100 – 120 cm), smooth stem looks like a torch, hence the common name torch lily. In order to enable you the creation of even most sophisticated arrangements, we also deliver orange, red, red-yellow and white tritoma seedlings. Our online garden store guarantees the highest quality of the seedling material, low price and competitive delivery cost. Buy proven, healthy and vigorous red hot poker seedlings and give your flower bed the unforgettable, exotic looks!