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"Ambiance" Hippeastrum, amaryllis

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The "Ambiance" Hippeastrum, amaryllis is an unusual variety that belongs to the Galaxy group of cultivars. It develops huge single flowers, whose white petals are adorned with bright red stripes. The juicy green centre completes the wonderful appearance. You don't have to wait too long for the flowers, as they develop already six to eight weeks after planting. Presented bulbous plant is most commonly grown in pots and used as attractive interior decoration. It can adorn a balcony or terrace during warm summer months. Amaryllis is a wonderful cut flower.

Plant the bulbs in pots that are filled with light and permeable soil. It of utmost importance that one third of the bulb stays above the ground. Amaryllis likes bright, yet not too hot situations. Remember to water it regularly - don't let the soil and the bulb dry out. Make sure to feed hippeastrum plants with a multicomponent fertilizer. Reduce watering after wilting of the flowers. This allows plants to go into dormancy stage that should last about six to eight weeks. When the plants have dried, transfer them to a cool and dry place. You may also take bulbs out and store them in dry peat.

Each package contains 1 bulb of the "Ambiance" hippeastrum, amaryllis sized 24 to 26 centimetres in circumference. The most important plant growing instructions were included in the product description on the package.

  • Variety: Ambiance
  • Use: ornamental - pots, cut flower
  • Flower colour: white with red stripes and green centre
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Flower type: single
  • Site: indoors, bright yet not hot; light permeable soil
  • Bulb size (circumference):: 24 to 26 centimetres
  • Bulbs: 1
  • Flowering period: 6 to 8 weeks after planting
  • Planting depth (cm): two thirds of bulb height
  • Wintering in the ground?: no