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Strong Ultrasonic and LED Rodent Repeller Quattro LED - mice, rats, martens, weasels

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Quattro-LED repeller is currently the most powerful and the most advanced device available on the markets. The device has the function of an automatic change of frequency and four speakers which cover all the area around it. Thanks to a very high and wide range of frequencies, the automatic change of frequencies module and  covering the surrounding area from all sides, it effectively works on rodents such as mice, rats, martens and weasels.


•    Effective area: up to 1000 m² in the open space.
•    Contact angle: 360°
•    Sound pressure: 115dB
•    Frequency range 10 kHz – 75 kHz
•    Dimensions: 95x95x50mm
•    Power: 12V/DC 12V
•    Power consumption: about 40mA + 10mA LED
•    LED Switch


•    When connected to the mains repelent immediately begins to work and emit sounds
•    The effectiveness of the device will be visible after a few weeks.
•    The most persistent pests leave the protected area after 4-6 weeks
•    The device should work all year round day and night. Power consumption is minimal.
•    The device does not cause interference to television and radio, electronic alarm devices, smoke detectors and fire and other electrical equimpment.

Made in EU.