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Ornamental grass seedlings

Every gardener knows, how much beauty and elegance the ornamental grass seedlings bring into all possible plant arrangements and compositions. If you plan a bigger role for grasses in your garden than an ordinary, regular lawn, you have come to the right place. Our online and mail order garden store has prepared an excellent selection of the most beautiful, diverse species and varieties of ornamental grasses especially for you. Plant them on border edgings, pond edges, in bowls, boxes, planters and hanging baskets - the stunning visual effects will exceed your expectations!

We recommend, among other great plants, seedlings of the white and pink pampas grass. Invite this giant to your garden and expect abundant, huge, fluffy, ear-shaped inflorescences in the most appealing pastel colours. The slightly lower growing, yet fluffy as well, esparto grass, will look equally adorable on borders. Lovers of the unusually coloured leaves should consider the hardy and easy to grow Japanese sedge, variegated Japanese sedge (Oshima kan suge) and the totally undemanding, beautifully blooming Chinese silver grass. Choose the blue fescue for compositions with silver-leaved plants or, if you prefer contrasting colour arrangements, the emerald-scarlet cogon grass.

Take a look at the images of our plants and choose from ornamental plant seedlings to find the one that would perfectly fit your garden arrangement. You will find all details regarding expected height, habit and other specific characteristics of a given plant in its description. We offer well developed ornamental grass seedlings in pots. We guarantee great shopping experience at competitive prices!