Tiger Flower bulbs, Tigridia

If you would like to bring more exotic flair to your garden in the coming season, plant peacock flower bulbs there. These impressive, charming flowers owe their strange looks to the unusual colouring. The wild spots that resemble fur colouring of some pumas will bring an edge to every garden arrangement. Our online garden store offers bulbs of the most beautiful peacock flower varieties. You may choose from creamy-white, pink, red, yellow and white peacock flower cultivars. Their triangular petals form flat inflorescences decorated with crimson spots in the middle. Bright colouring of the flowers offered in this section will allow you to create diverse, cheerful compositions with a hint of the unforgettable, tropical charm. Let the juicy peacock flowers’ colours seduce you. We offer high quality peacock flower bulbs. We only order seedling material from the trusted producers with a proven track record in the perennial plants’ bulb industry. Thanks to that fact we can provide you with the best seedling material at competitive prices. We encourage you to look at the images and read plant descriptions. We have gathered the most important information about them in an easily understandable manner. Your satisfaction is our priority. We invite you to buy tiger flower, as this plant is also called, bulbs in our store!