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Alcea, Hollyhocks

Hollyhock seedlings will provide you with erect, richly flowered stems that will tower over other garden flowers. These magnificent plants look great not only in rustic gardens. They will show their unpretentious charm in every arrangement and as a solitary plant, too. Our online garden store offers hollyhock seedlings that will produce picturesque, double flowers that look like they have been made of a few layers of decoratively wrinkled blotting paper. We present irresistible varieties with vividly red, sunny yellow, snow white and pastel pink blooms. Why not choose a variety mix to plant it alongside a fence, or to cut the stems and put into vases? If you are not satisfied with the standard, bright and cheerful bloom colours, the one and only black hollyhock will win your heart. We offer a wide selection of nicely developed, large hollyhock seedlings that are ready to be planted. You will find seedling material from renowned Polish and international producers in our online store. We encourage you to take a look at our offer – take advantage of the competitive prices and save the time by making a purchase without leaving your home.