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Veronica, Speedwell

If you are looking for new perennial plants you could grow at your border, choose speedwell seedings available in our store in an attractive variety selection. Their long, erect ears densely packed with flowers delight with juicy colours all summer long. Spiked speedwell (Veronica spicata) is undemanding in regard to the growing conditions. If you provide it with a piece of a sunny border it will pay you back with blooming every year. Just take a look at the images of our plants. We bet that our most popular variety – the bright „Blue” spiked speedwell will find a fan in you, too. Plant it together with its cousin, „Light Blue” with paler inflorescences or with the „White” variety. We recommend „Pink” and „Red” spiked speedwells for arrangements in which perennials blooming in warmer colours, such as phloxes, dahlias and coneflowers, play the major role. Despite their erect habit, plants offered here grow only 50 cm tall, what makes them perfect for the border foreground, with taller, dominating plants behind them. Have you already found your favourite? Click the name of a chosen variety, take a look at the pictures and read a short plant introduction we have prepared for you. Take advantage of the competitive price for speedwell seedlings and order them with door-to-door delivery. Our online store cooperates with the best Dutch producers to supply you with seedlings and bulbs of the highest quality. Your satisfaction is our priority! We encourage you to learn more about our wide assortment that grows and grows with new species and varieties. Your garden will definitely blossom like it had never before!