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Autumn lawn fertilizer - prepares lawns for the winter - Target® - 1 kg

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Presented lawn fertilizer from Target® is intended for use in autumn. Thanks to the ideally selected components it prepares lawns for the winter inthe most effective manner. It contains all the most necessary nutrients that also help the grass grow back in the spring.

It is available in form of a ready to use granulate that should be applied before the first frosts in autumn. It is a PK-type fertilizer, meaning it contains large amounts of phosphorus and potassium in form of easily available chemical compounds. It has been enriched with lime and sulphur. This choice of ingredients ensures strengthening of the root system, what enables the turf to survive even the harshest winters. This preparation also supports grass development in spring and guarantees strong spreading right after the vegetation starts.

The package contains 1 kg of the granulated autumn fertilizer. The best-before date and the instructions of use were included in the product information.

Fertilizer application rate:

Dosage: 25-50 grams per 1 m2

Time of application: July - October