Carrot "Jagna" - medium early variety - 4250 seeds

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Carrot "Jagna" (Daucus carota) belongs to medium early varieties. Its roots reach crop maturity 115 days after the sow. This variety is recommended for spring bundle harvest and short-term storing. Harvested crops are of high quality - roots are straight, do not break, nor turn green or purplish at the ends. They grow rather long, 18 - 22 cm on average. Regularly shaped roots take on conical shape with slightly piked bases. Crunchy, firm flesh is bright orange. "Jagna" carrots are delicious and juicy and perfectly fitted for direct consumption in salads, or processing to juices, purees and preserves.

Carrot is an undemanding vegetable. Its seeds are sown directly to the field from mid-March until mid-May. Carrot is grown in rows 30 - 40 cm apart. The roots will grow large and take on regular, even shape, if we provide them with sufficient space, therefore carrots should grow in 3 - 6 cm spacings. You will enjoy the best crops from well cultivated, sufficiently moist, light soils rich in nutrients.

Each package contains 5 g of medium early "Jagna" carrot seeds. The package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 5 g
  • Use: direct consumption; processing; short-term storing
  • Harvest time: 115 days after the sow
  • Site: cultivated, sufficiently moist, light soil rich in nutrients

Approximately 4250 seeds (+/- 20%)

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