Pepper "Rubinova" - red and sweet

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Rubinova pepper (Capsicum annuum) is an early variety that stands out with rich crops. It is recommended for field cultivation, particularly in the warmer regions, or under unheated covers. Fruit produced by this variety are medium-sized and take on an elongated, pointed shape. They change colour from dark green to ruby-red and their skin becomes shiny as they ripen. Fruit of the "Rubinova" pepper variety are sweet and delicious, are characterized by high nutritional value and contain large amounts of vitamin C. They are recommended for direct consumption, as side dish or addition to salads.

Peppers are grown exclusively from seedlings prepared in a warm and well-lit room. Pepper seeds should be sown to pots in early spring already. Seedlings are then transplanted to the field in the second half of May, because pepper is a thermophilic plant and is sensitive to frosts. We advise to plant peppers in 40 x 30 cm spacings. Ripe fruit may be harvested from July to the first autumn frosts. Peppers cultivated in plastic foil tunnels ripen a few weeks earlier. "Rubinova" pepper should be planted on warm and sunny sites. It grows best in light, moderately moist, well-drained soils that are rich in nutrients.

Each package contains 0.5 g of red, sweet "Rubinova" pepper seeds. The package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 0.5 g
  • Use: direct, raw consumption
  • Harvest time: July - first autumn frosts
  • Site: warm, sunny; light, moderately moist, well-drained soil rich in nutrients
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