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Blue dahlia - Dahlia Blue - XL pack! - 50 pcs

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Blue dahlia (Dahlia) will seduce every garden visitor with its flowers that are beautiful like the precious sapphires. This unique variety grows 90 to 120 centimetres tall depending on the growing conditions. Its strong branched shoots are covered with juicy green leaves and carry all summer long the large double flowers that consist of decoratively rolled broad petals. Their vivid blue colour differentiates presented plant from other common varieties.

Decorative dahlias should be planted in spring after the last late frost. These vigorous perennials feel best in the sun. They prefer fertile, moist, yet light, cultivated soil with a proper drainage. Due to their substantial height they make for great stand-alone plants even though you can also used them with great results in flower bed arrangements. This variety and its marvellous blue flowers is worth combining with a sunny yellow sunflower, a golden-orange common sneezeweed, and a large tuft of the white baby's-breath.

A single package contains 50 large and healthy rootstocks of the Blue dahlia. You will find the essential plant growing instructions on every package.

  • Variety: Blue
  • Use: ornamental - stand-alone, flower beds
  • Growth form: erect, bushy
  • Flower colour: blue
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: juicy green
  • Flower type: large, double
  • Site: sunny; fertile, moist, light, cultivated soil with drainage layer
  • Bulbs: 50
  • Height: 90 to 120 cm
  • Wintering in the ground: no

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