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Echinacea, Coneflower

If you want to diversify your lawn, find some space for coneflower seedlings. Impressive flowers that resemble miniature sunflowers are the biggest asset of this presented species. This easily cultivated perennial plant blooms reliably all summer long and its intense colour and attractive flowers give the border an idyllic look. Our online store offers a wide selection of bulbs of the most ornamental coneflower varieties. Enjoy the treasure of the cheerful, warm colours that may adorn your garden, too. Lovers of the classical gardens will love the white „White Swann” coneflower that may be used in many different ways. The crimson „Echinacea” coneflower or the red coneflower „Red Magnus” will instantly attract attention of the guests of your garden. More demanding gardeners will definitely like the crimson-pink-green „Green Envy” and the double-flowered „Double Decker” coneflower, whose flower centres are adorned with the impressive fans of pink petals! Just take a look at the photographs and choose your favourites. You will make a purchase in our online store in no time and the package will arrive straight at your door. We also offer competitive prices and the highest quality – all coneflower bulbs and other perennials and rhizomes come from trusted producers only. Win with us today!