Food storage

Storing food the way it retains the most nutritional value and does not lose taste is a challenge indeed. Luckily, at our online store you will find magnificent accessories that will protect the food reliably and easily from going bad. Just take a look at this assortment!

Do you need new food containers? We present a wide selection of various designs and sizes below. You will find the classic glass jars and 100% safe, health-neutral, airtight boxes made of the certified plastic materials in our online store. Order an XXL-sized model for freezing food and storing dinner leftovers, such as the Rectangular 7.2-litre Fredo Fresh food container or the Rectangular 7.2-litre Mia “Polar” food container with a rewritable label. There are also birthday cake boxes and dessert containers, smaller lunch boxes for children and the innovative travel gadgets, such as the foldable water canisters for storing water and soft drinks for the whole family, available at our store. We propose the practical, unbreakable jar lids to all lovers of home-made jams, marmalades, purees, compotes and other delicious preserves. We offer, among others, the standard White 66-mm and Golden 89-mm jar lids. You will also buy Jar lids for beekeepers in different sizes and the decorative lids with aesthetic images and funny inscriptions at our store. Home production of preserves will become even more fun with them!

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