Kitchen utensils

Cooking is a truly amazing, satisfying experience – particularly if you are equipped with kitchen utensils and accessories that will help you perform the most arduous and time-consuming tasks. Are you tired of pitting fruit and squeezing juice out of them? Do blunt knives drive you crazy? Are you looking for a reliable pressure cooker at an affordable price? You will find the solutions (and many other useful things) in our online store!

We are continuously striving to broaden our range of products. That is also why we have divided our assortment into the following categories and subcategories in order to make shopping at our online store more convenient for you. If you are searching for particular accessories, just click on the name of a given category and you will see the list of currently available products. Are you in need of a fruit pitter (stoner)? We have excellent plum pitter in stock. You should also purchase a practical citrus juicer. You will find the groundbreaking Citrus Spray Juicer – a juice squeezing device that will allow you to make citrus aroma mist on your own – in this category. Take a look at our cutlery trays and bowls, available continuously in various sizes and shapes – square and round, among others – that are also available in practical, functional sets. Handy funnels will also make your kitchen work much easier. Buy the plastic 10, 22, 25 or 31 cm wide funnel for pouring juice and bottling wine. We also supply funnels with mesh filters or sieves! The excellent Fiskars kitchen knives should also attract your attention. You will find a 7-cm Peeling knife, the 11-cm Peeling knife, the 26-cm Ham and Salmon knife, a Cheese knife and many others among them. Should you intend to reduce the time needed for preparation of a healthy, delicious meal, take a look at our pressure cookers. The 5-litre Stainless Steel Pressure cooker, available at an affordable price, will become an investment that the whole family will cherish!

You can buy kitchen utensils and accessories from the renown producers such as Biowin and Fiskars with a competitively priced home delivery at our store. Have you already checked the free delivery option? Take advantage of it and save even more! We invite you to a quick and pleasant online shopping tour!