Red needle petal aster - 500 seeds

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Red needle petal aster (Callistephus chinensis) represents the most beautiful annual summer and autumn plants. This subtle species seduces with an attractive, tuft habit and the charm of its double inflorescences decorated with needle-like petals. The intensely red bloom colour of this presented variety looks great on borders, composed with other asters and annual flowering plant species that share similar blooming period. You simply cannot think of a rural style garden without red needle petal asters, although these plants will also succeed in romantic and modern arrangements. They also present themselves wonderfully in fresh bouquets, because they develop long (50 to 80 cm tall), slender stems and maintain their looks even 10 days after being cut.

Red needle petal aster thrives on sunny sites, in humous, fertile and permeable soil. Seeds should be sown in spring onto hotbeds, to pots and under covers. Seedlings are then transplanted into open air mid-May. These plants start to bloom in July and end in autumn, in October.

Each package contains 1 g of red needle petal aster seeds. Growing instructions and the sow-by date are included in the package information.

  • Weight: 1 g
  • Height: 50 - 80 cm
  • Use: ornamental - borders, as cut flower
  • Flowering period: July - October
  • Growth form: Tuft-like
  • Flower colour: red
  • Vegetation form: annual
  • Flower type: double inflorescences
  • Site: sunny; humous, fertile, permeable soil

Approximately 500 seeds (+/- 20%)

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