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Camassia bulbs

In curating our assortment, we prioritize diversity, ensuring we feature both popular and lesser-known varieties. One such gem is Kamasja. These tall flowers, boasting stunning shades of blue, purple, or white, will beautify your garden as spring transitions into summer. Indulge yourself by picking a few bulbs from our collection, and watch this extraordinary plant come to life in your garden. Dive into our assortment and discover the incredible flowers you can add to your collection, all thanks to us! We guarantee top-notch quality at competitive prices.

Kamasja belongs to the lily family and naturally thrives in the wet meadows across both Americas. It flourishes best in sunny to slightly shaded spots. Impressive inflorescences emerge from a cluster of long, slender basal leaves. Each flower, resembling a grand star, is complemented by long, delicate stamens that rise above its surface. The inflorescences begin their bloom from the base, adding an extra layer of charm to the plant. Kamasjas are perfect for borders, group plantings on lawns, and alongside water features. Their presence attracts pollinating insects, adding a dynamic buzz to your garden.

Kamasja is not a demanding plant to grow. When planted in slightly acidic, humus-rich soil, it thrives effortlessly. It's crucial to maintain moderate soil moisture during its growth phase. Watering can be reduced post-blooming. The plant enters a rest phase in summer, with its leaves drying out towards the end. For the initial years post-planting, a winter cover is advisable. Kamasja can be propagated by dividing its bulbs every few years.

Browse the products below and witness the allure of this bulbous perennial. In our store, you can secure Kamasja bulbs at an enticing price point. Seize this opportunity, enrich your garden with these unique blooms, and bask in their splendor. We warmly invite you for an unforgettable shopping experience!