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Seed potatoes - Lilly - early variety - 12 pcs

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Lilly is an early variety that produces round-oval tubers. Potatoes of this variety belong to the most appreciated by industrial growers, as they stand machine washing and packaging well. Available in large stores and supermarkets, presented variety ranks high among consumers due to its very tasty flesh. Tubers of this variety are typically of regular, medium size. The marketable yield to the total yield ratio is high in case of this variety. Two of the many great features of the variety are its high storability and the intense yellow colour of the flesh. Extremely smooth skin with shallow eyes is also of great importance. Lilly surpasses many varieties when it comes to resistance to potato scab, late blight, and alternariosis. Only a minimal percentage of the tubers is susceptible to hollow-tuber disease and internal heat necrosis. Lilly as classified as type B, all-purpose potato, suitable for consumption boiled, steamed, or processed into a side dish or a separate dish. It does not discolour after cooking, a feature that many consumers value, since darkened potato flesh does not look that palatable.

Lilly potatoes bring high yield in average soil and even tolerate sandy ground. Lilly variety tolerates water shortages and high temperatures quite well. The high-yielding Lilly, juist like other potato varieties, is suitable for sunny and warm places. Slightly acidic soil reaction stimulates plants to produce more tubers. Date of potato planting potatoes is not set in stone. The most important factor here is the right temperature of the soil, about 6 to 8⁰C, measured at the depth of 10 centimetres. Potato plants require regular weeding and maintaining appropriate, relatively constant humidity during the vegetation season.

We hereby offer a 12-tuber package of A-class seed potatoes, sized 35 to 55 millimetres in circumference.

  • Variety: Lilly
  • Site: sunny, warm; cultivated, fertile, slightly acidic soil enriched with fertilizers
  • Bulb size (circumference):: 35 to 55 mm
  • Bulbs: 12
  • Planting period: April
  • Planting depth (centimetres): 10 cm
  • Wintering in the ground?: no

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