Beetroot - multicolour variety mix - COATED SEEDS - 100 seeds

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Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. It takes an important place in dietetics and beneficially influences digestion thanks to high pectin content. Betanine, carotenoids, anthocyanin that occur in beetroots provide this vegetable with anti-cancer, antioxidating and blood-forming effects. Beetroot variety mix consists of varieties differing in skin and flesh colour that are intended for direct consumption. Diverse colouring of the roots provide an interesting way for rejuvenating salads and dish garnishing.

Seeds of the beetroot variety mix are sown from April until end of June directly to the soil in 30-40 x 5-8 cm spacings. Beetroots become harvest-ready from July until October. Beetroot prefers clay soils with high humus content and neutral pH reaction. This vegetable yields richest crops on sunny sites.

Coating used for the beetroot multicolour variety mix seeds makes precise single-seed sowing much easier and eliminates the need for later thinning, as well as protects the germinating seeds from harmful pathogens in the soil.

The package contains 100 beetroot multicolour variety mix seeds, as well as the sow-by date and a growing guide.

  • Use: direct consumption
  • Harvest time: July - October
  • Site: sunny; clay soil rich in humus with neutral reaction
  • Quantity: 100

Approximately 100 seeds (+/- 20%)

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