Radish "Saxa 2" - round, red roots - COATED SEEDS - 300 seeds

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Red, round "Saxa 2" radish (Raphanus sativus) is an early maturing variety that needs only one month from sow to harvest. It thrives both in garden and under cover cultivation in early spring and in autumn. "Saxa 2" produces medium large, round roots covered with red peel that shelters predominantly white, sometimes glassy and firm flesh. These radishes stand out with high consumptional value, as they do not tend to break, nor to become pithy. Their tender taste makes them perfectly fitted for salads, sandwiches and cottage cheese.

Radish is very undemanding and easy in cultivation. These vegetables are grown from direct sow to the site. Presented seeds have been covered with a special coating, ensuring the best conditions for germination. It protects seedlings from harm that could be done by the pathogens present in the soil. Radish seeds should be sown in early spring until end of May, and if we repeatedly sow the seeds every two to three weeks, we will be able to enjoy fresh radishes from our own garden for a long time. Radish for the autumn harvest should be sown at the end of August, because radish plants would not produce roots in the warm and sunny weather, but only sprout flowering stalks. This vegetable should be grown in rows 10 - 20 cm apart. Humous, moist, yet permeable soil suits these plants best.

Each package contains 300 coated seeds of the radish "Saxa 2" producing round, red roots. The package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Use: direct consumption - salads, sandwiches, with cottage cheese
  • Harvest time: April - June and September - October
  • Site: humous, moist, permeable soil
  • Quantity: 300

Approximately 300 seeds (+/- 20%)

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