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Tomato "Mascot" - cocktail, low-growing variety - COATED SEEDS - 300 seeds

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Tomato "Mascot" (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a dwarf, cocktail variety that would thrive in small gardens and can also be grown in containers. This determinate, dwarf variety develops slender stems that form a bushy habit. It produces large numbers of small, round fruit that reach 2 - 4 cm in diameter. The cocktail, cherry type fruit take on attractive red colour of their shiny peels. They are also sweet and delicious, hence taste great in salads, with pasta, meats or as garnish.

The "Mascot" variety may be sown directly to the soil or in large containers. It belongs to the tomato varieties that are easiest in cultivation, as you do not need to produce seedlings earlier and it does not require topping nor staking. Seeds sold in our store have been covered with a special coating. It ensures optimal conditions in the germination phase and protects seeds from diseases caused by pathogens lingering in the soil. Tomato seeds are sown from mid-April until beginning of May. You should provide this variety with a sunny and wind-sheltered site. You will harvest richest crops from soils that rich in humus and water, yet also permeable.

Each package contains 300 "Mascot" tomato coated seeds. Growing instructions and the sow-by date have been included in the product information.

  • Use: direct consumption - salads, with pasta, meat, as garnish
  • Growth form: bushy
  • Site: sunny, wind-sheltered; moist, permeable soil rich in humus
  • Quantity: 300

Approximately 300 seeds (+/- 20%)

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