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Carafes and hip flasks

Carafes and hip flasks are stylish, yet practical containers for storing and serving home-made liqueurs. Do your this season's produces make you extremely proud? You surely deserve a stylish carafe or decanter! And if you treat the home-made liqueur as illness-preventing medicine, you should equip yourself with a handy hip flask, that you will always have at hand. We kindly invite you to look around.

If you wish to serve your wine, liqueur or fruit juice with the dinner, the 1-litre Aroniówka - (Chokeberry liqueur bottle) – carafe with a cap or the Grappa – carafe with a cap of the same size, should find a way to your table. These functional, stylish glass containers with airtight tops are perfect for outdoor meals and picnics, too. If you like vintage things, buy a 750-ml Ornamental carafe for wine, liqueurs and other beverages with ornamental engravings and crystal-imitating cork. The Glass barrel decanter with a tap and holder – an ideal gift idea! - is equally decorative and will hold up to 2 litres of beverage. You will also find stylish 5-litre barrels at a competitive price in our store. We also encourage you to learn more about our liquor bottle assortment. You could, for example, choose the Liqueur bottle set with corks - 200 ml - 6 pcs. Are you looking for sturdy, tight pre-threaded capsules? We have the Pre-threaded capsules for vodka, liqueur bottles and hip flasks available in different colours at our store. The distinct colours will allow you to recognize your liqueur at a glance. You may also use our differently coloured caps to distinguish different wine vintages. We have more smart solutions that will allow you to pursue your interests in our store. Just check them out!

We invite you to shop at the online Garden Seeds Market. Order carafes and hip flasks with a free delivery. Home production of liqueurs has never been so easy before!